How do I contact MetLife customer service?

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To have a MetLife Representative contact you, please call 1-877-638-2862 or fill out the secure form below.

How do I check my MetLife status?

Can I check the status of my claim? Yes, you can. Once we receive the documents, you can call our customer service team at 1-800-638-5000 for updates. If you're filing as an individual beneficiary, we can also send you status updates via email or text if you selected one of these options when completing the claim kit.

What is the email address for MetLife?

If the medical provider is not in our network, you or somebody from your family can send us an email at with a copy of the doctor's report.

How do I file a complaint against MetLife?

To file a complaint with MetLife, call customer service at 1-800-638-5433, post about the company on social media or mail a written complaint. Customers can also file a complaint about MetLife with the Better Business Bureau or their state's insurance regulator.

Who owns MetLife now?

MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) today announced the completion of its sale of Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and certain wholly-owned subsidiaries to Farmers Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, for a purchase price of $3.94 billion in cash.

How To Contact Metlife's Customer Service Department

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Is MetLife the same as Metropolitan Life?

MetLife, Inc. is the holding corporation for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC), better known as MetLife, and its affiliates. ... MetLife serves 90 of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

What is MetLife called now?

Today, MetLife Insurance Company USA is Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, licensed in 49 states.

How long does MetLife take to approve?

When you submit your life insurance claim, Metlife usually takes five to ten business days to review it. During this time, the company may also contact you if it needs additional info. Once MetLife approves your insurance claim, you will receive the payment via USPS within five business days.

How long after death do you have to collect life insurance?

Life insurance companies pay out the proceeds when the insured dies and the beneficiary of the policy files a life insurance claim. You should be able to collect the life insurance payout within 30 to 60 days after you have submitted the completed claim forms and the supporting documents.

What is the average payout for life insurance?

"The average unclaimed life insurance benefit is $2,000, but some payouts have been as high as $300, 000," senior editor Jeff Blyskal told me. The magazine calculated the odds that you are owed money from a lost, forgotten or unknown policy are about one in 600. Why is this happening?

What bank does MetLife use?

MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) announced today that it has completed the sale of MetLife Bank, N.A.'s deposit business to GE Capital Retail Bank, FSB, a subsidiary of GE Capital. As a result, approximately $6.4billion in bank deposits have been transferred to GE Capital Retail Bank.

Is MetLife a good insurance company?

MetLife is a reputable insurance company that has an A+ (Superior) rating from AM Best, one of the nation's leading insurance-rating organizations, as well as solid scores from S&P and Moody's. The good scores are a reflection of MetLife's financial strength and claims-paying ability.

How do I cancel my MetLife policy?

How to Cancel MetLife Insurance Policies
  1. Cancel by phone, by calling 1-800-638-5433 or the specific number for your type of policy.
  2. Cancel by email if your specific policy allows it. ...
  3. You cannot cancel a MetLife insurance policy without the assistance of a representative.

Is Aetna and MetLife the same?

Aetna and MetLife are trusted insurance providers. MetLife stands out for its specialization in group dental plans and offerings specifically for veterans and federal employees and military retirees. Aetna has a good selection of group dental plans.

Are MetLife and Prudential the same?

Prudential and MetLife both have the same financial strength ratings from A.M Best and S&P. They are both rated “Excellent” and both companies have been in business for over 100 years. Both companies have Billions of dollars of life insurance in force, with MetLife having a bit more in force than Prudential.

How do I find my MetLife ID number?

You can find your individual personal ID number by contacting Metlife Dental customer support representatives. In most cases, your individual personal ID number is your employer ID number. Otherwise, you are free to contact customer support agents and get that information.

Is MetLife in the Philippines?

Metlife Philippines General Information

Provider of insurance services to individual and group customers. The company's services are primarily engaged in life insurance services in Philippines.

Does MetLife own a bank?

MetLife is building its own branded bank. Some of this reluctance may be overcome by the fact that MetLife will automatically open bank accounts for insurance customers who receive payments from MetLife, Barto added. MetLife currently pays out over $25 billion policyholder claims each year.

How many countries does MetLife operate in?

Market Leader in over 20 Countries

MetLife holds a leading life insurer market position in over 20 countries.

Did Statefarm buy MetLife?

Farmers Completes Acquisition of MetLife Auto & Home Business for $3.9 Billion.

Did Farmers Buy MetLife?

Yes, Farmers Insurance bought MetLife's home and auto insurance business. The purchase was agreed to in December 2020 and finalized in April 2021, but current MetLife customers will see no changes to their policies and will only receive new paperwork with Farmers branding.

Does Zurich own MetLife?

Zurich and Farmers Exchanges complete acquisition of MetLife property and casualty business in U.S. Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) subsidiary Farmers Group, Inc. ... The acquisition, announced on December 11, 2020, gives the Farmers Exchanges1 a truly nationwide presence and access to new distribution channels.