How do I file a death claim with AIG?

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Initiate a Life Insurance claim
  1. Call 1-844-452-3832. For Variable Universal Life policies only: Call 1-800-340-2765.
  2. Call 800-633-6259.
  3. Call 1-800-888-2452.

How long does it take AIG to process a death claim?

The life insurance claims process will typically take 30-45 days to complete. Even if you were unable to locate the policy or didn't know your loved one had an AIG life insurance policy when they passed, you'll collect payment so long as: The policy was in effect; All premium payments were up to date: and.

How do you report a death to life insurance?

How do I file a life insurance claim?
  1. Get several copies of the death certificate.
  2. Call your insurance agent. He or she can help you fill out the necessary forms and act as an intermediary with the insurance company. ...
  3. Submit a certified copy of the death certificate from the funeral director with the policy claim.

How do I make an AIG claim?

Personal Accident & Health (Special Risk, Intercollegiate Sports, K-12)
  1. To file a Personal Accident claim online: Click Here.
  2. To download a claim form and submit by mail: Click Here.
  3. Any issues or questions: Email: Phone: 1-800-551-0824.

How long does AIG life insurance take to pay out?

Payment of claims

Once we have accepted the claim, payment will be made within a maximum of five working days.

How to File a Life Insurance Death Claim

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Does AIG life insurance pay out?

Enhanced Surrender Value Rider: If you decide you no longer want your life insurance policy, you can surrender it in year 20 of coverage and AIG will pay out 50% of your total premiums paid up to that point.

What does AIG cover?

Our plans pay a benefit if you suffer a covered Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Paralysis or Coma. Benefits can be used to pay for living expenses, college tuition, funeral costs or any other out-of-pocket expenses.

How do I contact AIG?

Support for Employees and Alumni
  1. Employment Verification. Employment Verification.
  2. HR Shared Services. For Local U.S. Toll Free: +1 (800) 265-5054. For International Collect U.S. Toll Free: +1 (713) 831-5921.
  3. Employee IT Help Desk. For U.S. Toll Free: +1 (800) 435-7457.

How do I contact American General Life Insurance?

Contact us by phone, mail, or fax
  1. American General Life Insurance Company and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. Life Insurance Customers. ...
  2. Life Insurance Customers: Phone: 800-633-6259. ...
  3. Life Insurance Customers. Phone: 800-888-2452. ...
  4. Life Insurance Customers. Phone: 800-888-2452.

How do I get a $255 death benefit?

You can apply for benefits by calling our national toll-free service at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or by visiting your local Social Security office. An appointment is not required, but if you call ahead and schedule one, it may reduce the time you spend waiting to apply.

How do I file a life insurance claim?

How to Claim a Life Insurance Policy
  1. Contact the insurance company or agent. They should be able to explain their process for filing a claim. ...
  2. Get copies of the death certificate. Make sure you get certified copies from the funeral director. ...
  3. Fill out the paperwork and send it in. ...
  4. Specify how you want to be paid.

How do I claim for death benefits?

If you need to report a death or apply for benefits, call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). You can speak to one of our representatives between 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. Monday through Friday. You can also contact your local Social Security office.

How long does it take for death benefits to be paid?

It can take up to a year for a retirement fund death benefit to be paid out, as the trustees must ensure that all financial dependents are provided for.

What reasons will life insurance not pay?

If you die while committing a crime or participating in an illegal activity, the life insurance company can refuse to make a payment. For example, if you are killed while stealing a car, your beneficiary won't be paid.

What is a typical life insurance payout?

The average life insurance payout time is 30 to 60 days. The timeframe begins when the claim is filed, not when the insured dies.

Is American General AIG?

American General Life Insurance Company was established in 1960. As American General expanded its national presence and added new financial products and services over the years, the company was acquired by American International Group (AIG) in 2001.

What is AIG insurance email address?

If the outcome of your complaint is not handled to your satisfaction, you can email our Chief Executive Officer at

What is Chartis life?

Chartis Life insurance is an integral part of the Chartis Insurance Group. ... As well as providing Life Insurance, Chartis can also furnish personal insurance such as home insurance, contents cover, car insurance as well as health and accident insurance and the can also provide cover for identity theft.


AIG Retirement Services will continue to serve you through our same family of companies, including VALIC and its subsidiaries, VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. ...

Is American General still in business?

Company overview

Status: ACTIVE. Wilmington's wholesale lending operation was shut down in June of 2008. American General is still lending. History: Founded in 1920 as Interstate Finance Corp. to underwrite sales of Inland Motor Truck vehicles, American General Finance has been making loans for more than 80 years.

What happened to AIG during the financial crisis?

AIG was one of the beneficiaries of the 2008 bailout of institutions that were deemed "too big to fail." The insurance giant was among many that gambled on collateralized debt obligations and lost. AIG survived the financial crisis and repaid its massive debt to U.S. taxpayers.

Is AIG and Travel Guard the same?

AIG's travel insurance program, called Travel Guard, provides a number of coverage options to offer peace of mind on your trips.

Is AIG a real insurance company?

AIG is one of the biggest insurers in the world, serving millions of customers in more than 80 countries. AIG offers term, whole and universal life insurance to individuals. The company also offers a range of insurance and investment products to businesses.