How long does Medi-Cal last?

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Medi-Cal members must renew their coverage each year to keep their health care benefits. Some members may be renewed automatically, but a packet will be mailed to members annually if the county is not able to verify all your information.

Does Medi-Cal expire?

Your Medi-Cal coverage should be renewed each year. We will try to renew your coverage automatically by verifying existing information electronically.

What age does Medi-Cal end?

​Basic Information. Beginning January 1, 2020, a new law in California will give full scope Medi-Cal to young adults under the age of 26 and immigration status does not matter.

Does Medi-Cal have a limit?

If you are SINGLE and residing in a long-term care facility, you must have $2,000 or less in your property reserve. for Medi-Cal, your separate property plus one-half of the community property must be valued at $2,000 or less.

How do I check my Medi-Cal coverage?

​(800) 541-5555
  1. The Medi-Cal Member's beneficiary ID number. or.
  2. The last 4 digits of the Member's Social Security Number.
  3. And the Member's date of birth (2 digit month and 4-digit year) i.e. 12/1961.

Understanding Medi-Cal

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Does Medi-Cal include dental?

Medi-Cal offers comprehensive preventative and restorative dental benefits to both children and adults. You can find a Medi-Cal dentist on the ​ Medi-Cal Dental Provider Referral List, or by calling 1-800-322-6384.

Is Medi-Cal free in California?

Medi-Cal offers free or low-cost health coverage for California residents who meet eligibility requirements. Most applicants who apply through Covered California and enroll in Medi-Cal will receive care through managed health plans. Medi-Cal eligibility to include low-income adults.

Does Medi-Cal check your bank account?

Yes. Asset tests are a part of Medicaid eligibility requirements. Medi-Cal is the State of California's Medicaid program. Bank accounts are one of the easier tests for the government to make.

Does Medi-Cal check your savings account?

One of the vexing issues for people attempting to qualify for Medi-Cal are the limits on a person's assets. And when they do have assets, such as a savings account, the Medi-Cal rules necessitate that the individual must spend down those assets in order to qualify for conditional or Non-MAGI Medi-Cal eligibility.

Do I have to pay back Medi-Cal?

The Medi-Cal program must seek repayment from the estates of certain deceased Medi-Cal members. Repayment only applies to benefits received by these members on or after their 55th birthday and who own assets at the time of death. If a deceased member owns nothing when they die, nothing will be owed.

How do I get out of Medi-Cal?

Complete a request for withdrawal form.

There is a standard form you must fill out with your name and contact information. This form states that you want to withdraw your application for Medi-Cal, effective immediately. You must provide the reason you want to withdraw your application and discontinue Medi-Cal coverage.

How much is Medi-Cal per month?

How much are the premiums? The premiums for Medi-Cal for Families are $13 for each child and no more than $39 per family per month. What can I do if I disagree with paying a monthly premium? Monthly premiums must be paid for the child(ren) to remain eligible for this Medi-Cal program.

What happens if I don't report my income change to Medi-Cal?

What Happens if I Don't Report My Income Change to Covered California? So you enrolled in a Covered California health plan. ... This means that if you were receiving all of your APTC throughout the year based on a lower income, then you actually received too much assistance, and you will have to pay it back.

Does Medi-Cal automatically renew?

Medi-Cal members must renew their coverage each year to keep their health care benefits. For most members, coverage is renewed automatically. Sometimes the county will send you a renewal form that you must review and return, along with any additional required information.

Why is my Medi-Cal discontinued?

Californians can be automatically dropped from Medi-Cal coverage if they fail to turn in an annual renewal packet on time, or do not submit documentation that verifies they are still eligible, health care attorneys explained.

Can I renew Medi-Cal online?

You can renew your Medi-Cal online. You must fill out a Medi-Cal renewal form. This step is known as Medi-Cal redetermination. Be sure to look over your health plan during the Medi-Cal renewal process.

Can Medi-Cal take your house?

I. Can the State Take My Home If I Go on Medi-Cal? The State of California does not take away anyone's home per se. ... For example, your home may be an exempt asset while you are alive, and not counted for Medi-Cal eligibility purposes.

Do you have to repay Medi-Cal after your income increases?

Many of these people fear they will have to repay Medi-Cal for the months they were really ineligible for the no cost health insurance. Do you have to repay Medi-Cal after your income increases and you were no longer eligible? The short answer is usually not.

Does owning a house affect Medi-Cal?

Yes, you can. First, your primary residence is an “exempt asset” for purpose of the Medi-Cal eligibility process, meaning your primary residence is not counted as a resource for Medi-Cal qualification because it is an exempt asset.

How many months of bank statements do I need for Medi-Cal?

Because of this look back period, the agency that governs the state's Medicaid program will ask for financial statements (checking, savings, IRA, etc.) for 60-months immediately preceeding to one's application date. (Again, 30-months in California).

Does unemployment affect Medi-Cal?

For MAGI and Non-MAGI Medi-Cal, the federal supplemental unemployment benefit shall be disregarded and are not counted in the income eligibility determination. For Non-MAGI, PUC is counted as property if retained into the following month for the purposes of Non-MAGI Medi-Cal eligibility determinations.

What happens to my Medi-Cal if I get a job?

Many jobs will also offer employer-sponsored health care benefits. ... In general, you can keep your Medi-Cal or Medicare benefits when you start working.

Is Medi-Cal good?

Is the coverage good? The health plans offered by Covered California and Medi-Cal include the same full set of benefits, but Medi-Cal is usually at lower or no cost. ... In a recent survey of Medi-Cal members, 90% of the members who answered rated Medi-Cal as a good or very good program.

Can you have Covered California and Medi-Cal at the same time?

These two-program families are called “mixed-program families.” Your family can apply for both through Covered California application. Individuals in a mixed-program family will face different, but typically lower, costs due to their eligibility for both Covered California and Medi-Cal.

Does Edd count as income for Medi-Cal?

Yes. Traditional federal and state unemployment benefits are considered income for Covered California, Medi-Cal, and CHIP, and you should include it in the income you report while using the Shop and Compare Tool.