Is ACKO car insurance reliable?

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Yes, ACKO General Insurance is reliable when it comes to insurance purchase or claims. The company has an impressive claim settlement ratio of 95% for FY 19-20. The claim settlement is quick and hassle-free as the entire process can be completed online.

Why ACKO insurance is so cheap?

How does Acko quote lower prices than other insurance companies? ACKO has revolutionized the concept of car insurance by using a digital-only model. ... In a nutshell, Acko incurs very less expenses. The savings are passed on to customers like you, pitching lowest of premiums for the best of insurance plans.

Is ACKO IRDA approved?

Government's recent thrust on personal accident insurance policy and crop insurance has created newer avenues for insurers.

Is ACKO Chinese company?

Acko General Insurance is a private sector general insurance company in India. Founded in November 2016, the company received its license from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in September 2017.

Is ACKO owned by Amazon?

Amazon-backed digital insurance company Acko is now valued over a billion dollars. The Series D round was led by General Atlantic and Multiples Private Equity. The company will use this funding to boost its health business with a $150 million investment. The company claims to have over 70 million customers.

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What is the full form of ACKO?

Definition. ACKO. Acknowledgement. ACKO. Atletiek Club Kortenberg Online (Dutch: Athletics Club Kortenberg Online)

Is ACKO an Indian company?

Acko General Insurance Limited is an Indian Non-Government Company.

Which is better digit or ACKO?

Acko has far more web traffic compared to Go Digit. Acko is a clear winner in the website game. From the public disclosures (Form NL-40) required by IRDA— here is a breakdown of the number of policies sold via different channels for April-June 2019 for Acko and Go Digit.

Is ACKO a Fintech?

ACKO is India's first and fastest-growing InsurTech company which makes buying and using insurance effortlessly. It was founded in 2016 by Mr. Varun Dua- a serial fintech entrepreneur who set simplicity, affordability and innovation as its cornerstones.

How is the claim settlement ratio of ACKO insurance?

** ACKO's Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio stands at 97% for FY2020-21.

How do I cancel my ACKO policy?

How do I cancel my Acko Policy? We request you to email us on Please do provide your policy number, the reason for cancellation & requisite documents.

Can we buy ACKO insurance?

Yes, you can buy a two-wheeler insurance policy for a brand-new bike/scooter from ACKO. Visit, and enter your bike model and purchase year.

What is ACKO comprehensive plan?

Acko comprehensive car insurance policy insures your car against damages caused by accidents, fire, theft, natural or man-made calamities, vandalism and damages occurred in a riot. All these ensure that you can take your car on the streets without any worry of expenses incurred after an accident.

What is IDV in car insurance?

What is Insured Declared Value (IDV)? The term 'IDV' refers to the maximum claim your insurer will pay if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or is stolen. Suppose the market value of your car is Rs. 8 lakh when you buy the policy. That means the insurer will disburse a maximum amount of Rs.

How is digit two wheeler insurance?

They accepted all and settled my claim through. It was very easy and fast process. My bike is now as new and got my amount as promised by the company in less than a week..! I am very happy and would be glad to continue to renew the policy of Go Digit Insurance."

What is OD portion in car insurance?

Content1. ​​In car insurance, Own Damage (OD) Premium provides you Own Damage (OD) Cover. Own Damage (OD) simply means cover against damages to your own car. Reliance General explains OD premium and its benefits in this video. Click to know more about car insurance from Reliance General.

How do I contact ACKO?

Call our helpline number 1800 266 2256 (Toll-Free) or 1860 266 2256 from any Landline & Mobile: Monday to Sunday (9 am – 8 pm). For lodging, a service request/complaint online, email us to our customer service desk at

What is PA cover?

A compulsory personal accident or PA cover is an add-on cover offered by motor insurance providers to the owner-driver of a car that protects him against any accidental injuries.

How do I check the status of my ACKO claim?

Go to My Policies. Please login with your registered mobile number, if you are not logged-in. A tracker will be displayed on your screen to show the current status of the repair request.

Do you get money back for Cancelling car insurance?

When you take out a car insurance policy, you have what's called a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel. ... Typically, insurers won't refund the final two months of a policy, so for example if you cancel with five months left, you'll only receive three months of premium payments back.

Do I get money back from insurance if I sell my car?

If you do come to the decision of selling your car within 14 days of insuring it, then thanks to the cooling-off period this means that you can cancel your policy and get a full refund of any premiums you have paid to date.

Can car insurance Be Cancelled?

While car insurance policies are usually taken out for 12 months and paid either up front or through monthly premiums, you can cancel at any time. ... Your insurance provider will often charge a cancellation and administration fee. If you took out the insurance through a broker, they may also charge a cancellation fee.

Who are the top 3 insurance companies?

The top 3 insurance companies are State Farm, Geico, and Progressive based on market share, and they collectively make up over 40% of the market for personal auto insurance companies.