What does ape mean in insurance?

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Annual Premium Equivalent (APE) = the sum of the initial premium on new annual-premium policies, plus one-tenth of premiums on new single-premium policies. This is the premium basis used to compute Life new business value.

How do you calculate ape insurance?

It is the sum of the regular annualized premium from the new business plus 10% of the first single premium in a given period. Description: APE is computed as: APE = Annualized regular premium + 10 % of single premium (Including top-up premium). Where annualized regular premium = Premium amount * Billing frequency.

What is ape used for?

The Ape has been most commonly used for delivery of light objects and mail, as a garbage truck, as an advertising tool, as an open-air store.

What is an ape market?

Annual Premium Equivalent - a measure of new business sales growth in the insurance industry. The APE includes new regular business premiums on an annualised basis (ie 12 months worth even if the business was only written half way through the year) plus 10% of any new single premium business.

What is annualized premium in life insurance?

Annualized premium is calculated by adjusting these differences in payment options under the assumption that premium is equally divided and paid throughout the entire contract period, and indicates the average amount of premium income which a life insurer would receive in one year.


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Is it cheaper to pay insurance in full?

Generally, you'll pay less for your policy if you can pay in full. But if paying a large lump sum upfront would put you in a tight financial spot — say, leave you unable to pay your car insurance deductible — making car insurance monthly payments is probably a better option for you.

Is it better to pay insurance yearly or monthly?

It's almost always better to pay annually, rather than monthly. This is because paying monthly usually incurs some sort of interest on your policy. So, while it breaks it down into more manageable chunks each month, you're paying for that benefit. If you can afford to pay annually, it's usually the cheapest way.

Why do they call investors apes?

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What does ape mean in Crypto?

Apeing is when a cryptocurrency trader buys a token shortly after the token project launch without conducting thorough research, usually because they are fearful of missing out on potential gains that could be lost if they hesitate in order to conduct due diligence.

Why are AMC investors called apes?

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What does to ape something mean?

verb. aped; aping. Definition of ape (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. : to copy closely but often clumsily and ineptly.

What does ape mean in text?

APE is a slang word which means "Angry" or "Stupid."

What does being an ape mean?

To ape someone is to imitate them, often in a mocking way. Most people don't like being aped. ... Another kind of aping is like a caricature — to ape in this way is a way of making fun or spoofing someone.

What do u mean by premium?

Definition: Premium is an amount paid periodically to the insurer by the insured for covering his risk. Description: In an insurance contract, the risk is transferred from the insured to the insurer. For taking this risk, the insurer charges an amount called the premium.

How often do you pay car insurance premiums?

Premiums are usually paid either monthly, every six months, or annually and are determined by various factors, including your driving record, age, and the coverages you select as part of your policy.

What's annual premium mean?

Annual Premium means the total amount of premium which would be paid for a one year period of coverage regardless of whether the entire premium is paid at one time or in instalments, or whether the premium which is actually paid in any particular case is pro rated for a lesser period of coverage; Sample 1.

How do you ape in crypto?

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What does big ape mean?

Definition of great ape

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Why do apes say HODL?

HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold," in the context of buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's also commonly come to stand for "hold on for dear life" among crypto investors. The term HODL (or hodl) originated in 2013 with a post to the Bitcointalk forum.

What is the ape army?

Apes Army is a home for meme stock apes, the retail investors currently waging a war against the financial traitors who control the money markets. ... Nothing on this site should be deemed as financial or legal advice.

What are hedged funds?

Hedge funds are actively managed alternative investments that typically use non-traditional and risky investment strategies or asset classes. Hedge funds charge much higher fees than conventional investment funds and require high minimum deposits.

Can I pay off my car insurance early?

You can't pay off your insurance early until the renewal has been run. If the renewal has been run and you have gotten the paperwork in the mail, you can pay off the current balance and the upcoming invoice all at once.

Do you pay car insurance over 10 months?

Paying monthly for your car insurance usually comes with a pretty hefty upfront deposit. This is usually about 20% of the total price of the policy, with the rest of the payments spread out over the next 10 months or so.

How much does home insurance usually cost a month?

The average cost of homeowners insurance is $1,249 per year, or $104.08 per month, according to the 2021 National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) report. Factors such as location, home value, coverage levels and discounts will determine your quoted homeowners insurance price.

What happens when you pay off your car insurance policy?

Car insurance premiums don't automatically go down when you pay off your car, but you can probably lower your premium by dropping coverage that's no longer required. ... Therefore, you may have the flexibility to decrease your coverage and get a cheaper rate once your car is paid in full.