What does comprehensive insurance cover in Kenya?

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A Comprehensive car insurance in kenya typically covers you for loss or damage from fire, theft, vandalism, accidental loss, natural disasters, damage caused by animals or falling objects (like a tree or hail).

What does a comprehensive insurance cover?

In a nutshell, comprehensive car insurance cover – sometimes known as fully comprehensive cover, pays out if you damage your car, someone else's car or injure someone in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive car insurance also covers you against fire and theft.

Does comprehensive cover the driver?

Comprehensive insurance coverage for a car includes both own damages as well as third party liabilities. ... This type of insurance also offers personal accident cover to the owner-driver of the car in case he/ she gets injured in a car accident.

What is the average cost of comprehensive car insurance in Kenya?

Cost of a comprehensive cover in Kenya

On average, insurance premium rates for a private car start from 3.2% of the car's total value. This is in addition to training levy, policy holder's compensation fund, and stamp duty payments.

What are the advantages of comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance gives you cover for damage to your car and damage caused to other vehicles and property, as well as cover for theft, fire and malicious damage. It offers more features and benefits compared to Third Party Car Insurance.

Car Insurance explained - Comprehensive Insurance

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How does comprehensive car insurance work?

Comprehensive insurance — covers repairs to your car and repairs to other cars, even if the accident is your fault. It also covers your car if it's stolen or damaged by fire, flood or vandalism.

Which type of car insurance is best?

Which is a better Car Insurance? Taking a comprehensive car insurance cover is always advisable as it provides complete protection of not only someone else's car like a Third-Party car insurance, but also the Own damages to your car, as well as any injury to the owner driver.

Which is the biggest insurance company in Kenya?

Britam Life had the largest market share in Kenya's life insurance industry. The company had a turnover of 212.3 million U.S. dollars in 2020, which corresponded to around 23 percent of the value of gross direct premium in life business insurance collected that year in the country.

How is car insurance premium calculated?

The premium for OD cover is calculated as a percentage of IDV as decided by the Indian Motor Tariff. Thus, formula to calculate OD premium amount is: Own Damage premium = IDV X [Premium Rate (decided by insurer)] + [Add-Ons (eg. bonus coverage)] – [Discount & benefits (no claim bonus, theft discount, etc.)]

Is comprehensive full coverage?

Comprehensive is a separate type of coverage from collision that protects your car from things like falling objects, theft, and vandalism. ... Collision and comprehensive insurance are often combined to protect a vehicle against most forms of damage, as part of so-called “full coverage.”

Does comprehensive insurance cover medical bills?

Helps cover the costs of your injuries — including medical expenses and lost wages — if you or your passengers are hurt in a car accident.

Does comprehensive cover accidental damage?

Your auto insurance company will cover accidental damage if you have comprehensive coverage. Fully comprehensive insurance covers accidental damage from unexpected events, such as vehicle theft, falling objects, storms, fires, or any other disaster that doesn't involve a collision with another car.

Does comprehensive insurance cover your fault?

Fully comprehensive car insurance (also known simply as comprehensive car insurance) covers damage to your vehicle even if an accident is your fault. It can also compensate other drivers for any damage caused to their property as well as injury compensation for yourself and others, where relevant.

Does comprehensive insurance cover you to drive other cars?

Driving other cars cover is usually only available on a comprehensive car insurance policy, so if you have third party (or third party, fire & theft) cover, you won't be covered to drive any other cars. It's not automatically included on every comprehensive policy – so check first.

Which insurance is the best in Kenya?

Top Best Insurance Companies In Kenya
  • Jubilee Insurance Kenya: Best insurance for corporates & employees. ...
  • Britam: Best life insurance company in Kenya. ...
  • CIC Insurance General: Best home insurance provider. ...
  • AAR Insurance: Best medical insurance company. ...
  • Madison: Best insurance firm for children education in Kenya.

Which is the best medical cover in Kenya?

Today, we are going to look at the best medical insurance in Kenya.
  1. First Assurance Company Limited. This company is among the best medical insurance companies in Kenya. ...
  2. G.A. Insurance Ltd. ...
  3. AAR Insurance Africa. ...
  4. Heritage Insurance Company. ...
  5. Allianz Insurance Company Ltd. ...
  6. APA insurance. ...
  7. Britam. ...
  8. CIC Group.

What is NCB policy?

Definition: No-claim bonus (NCB) is a discount in premium offered by insurance companies if a vehicle owner has not made a single claim during the term of the motor insurance policy. ... A person who receives the benefit in case of death of the insured person is a nominee.

What is comprehensive standard policy?

A comprehensive policy, as the name suggests, offers overall protection against damages to both parties involved in an accident. This scheme is extensive, and it covers damages to car, theft, legal liability to third-party, and personal accident cover.

What is the difference between comprehensive and third party car insurance?

What's the difference between Comprehensive and Third Party Car Insurance? Comprehensive Car Insurance is just that — comprehensive. ... Third Party Car Insurance, on the other hand, will only cover you for damage you cause to someone else's vehicle and property.

What are the 3 main types of car insurance?

The three types of car insurance that are universally offered are liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Drivers can still purchase other types of auto insurance coverage, like personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorist, but they are not available in every state.

What should be covered in car insurance?

Typical Components Of An Auto Insurance Policy
  • Liability Coverage. Auto liability coverage is mandatory in most states. ...
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. ...
  • Comprehensive Coverage. ...
  • Collision Coverage. ...
  • Medical Payments Coverage. ...
  • Personal Injury Protection.

Does comprehensive cover third party?

What is the difference between comprehensive and third party fire and theft car insurance? Comprehensive cover protects your vehicle against accidental damage claims while third party fire and theft doesn't.

What does comprehensive car insurance cover in an accident?

Comprehensive Car Insurance is a type of insurance that gives you cover for damage to your car and damage caused to other vehicles and property, as well as cover for theft, fire and malicious damage.