What does the WA insurance commissioner do?

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The Office of the Insurance Commissioner, headed by Commissioner Mike Kreidler, oversees Washington state's insurance industry to protect consumers and make sure that companies, agents and brokers follow the rules.

What is the responsibility of the insurance commissioner?

Insurance commissioners act as advocates for consumer protection, regulators of insurance, and educators who are able to provide consumers with information that pertains to the insurance system within a particular state.

How much does the Washington State insurance commissioner make?

The commission decided last October to boost the salary of the insurance commissioner to $137,700, up from $132,600. “State government, like businesses in Washington, are facing tough financial conditions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic,” Kreidler said.

Who is Washington state's current insurance commissioner?

Mike Kreidler is Washington's eighth insurance commissioner. A former member of Congress, he was first elected as insurance commissioner in 2000. He was re-elected to a sixth term in 2020.

How do I contact the Washington State insurance commissioner?

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  1. Call us at 800-562-6900.
  2. Contact the insurance commissioner.

WA State Insurance Commissioner

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Does Washington State have free healthcare?

In Washington State, Medicaid is called Apple Health. ... You can apply for free or low-cost Apple Health coverage year-round. For most people, Washington Apple Health is free, but some families may have to pay a monthly premium.

What may be sent when a carrier rejects a claim because preauthorization was not obtained?

Appeals are sent by patient or providers to payers to request a review of a rejected or downcoded bill. An appeal is sent when a carrier rejects a claim because preauthorization was not obtained.

What is the basic mandate of the Insurance Commission?

Pursuant to the mandate of the Insurance Commission to assist the general public on matters relating to insurance and pre-need, a total of about 24,871 claims, cases, complaints, disputes, inquiries and mediations were acted upon within the prescribed period in 2015.

What is the maximum fine that can be imposed by the commissioner to a producer who violates an insurance law?

Any person who violates the provisions of Section 780 or 781 is punishable by a fine not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000), or in a case in which the loss of the victim exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000), by a fine not exceeding three times the amount of the loss suffered by the victim, by ...

Who is over the insurance companies?

CDI enforces the insurance laws of California and has authority over how insurers and licensees conduct business in California.

How often must the commissioner examine each domestic insurance company?

How often must insurers be examined, and who is responsible for conducting such examinations? The Commissioner must examine all authorized insurers at least once every 5 years.

What is the penalty for twisting?

Violators of this law are guilty of a first degree misdemeanor if proven to have exhibited fraudulent conduct. A violation is also punishable by an administrative fine of $5,000 for each nonwillful violation or $75,000 for each willful violation.

Who would be liable for an insurance claim on a policy sold by Tennessee producer?

Who would be liable for an insurance claim on a policy sold by a Tennessee producer and issued by an insurance company NOT authorized to conduct business in Tennessee? *The producer is liable for all insurance contracts unlawfully made in TN with an insurance company not authorized to do business in TN.

What are the four 4 functions of the Insurance Commission?

The functions of the Commission are:
  • To maintain surveillance over the insurance market.
  • To promote and encourage sound and prudent insurance management and business practices.
  • To advise the Minister responsible for insurance matters regarding the insurance market.

What may be insured against?

What may be insured? Any contingent or unknown event, whether past or future, which may damnify a person having an insurable interest, or create a liability against him, may be insured against, subject to the provisions of the Insurance Code.

What is insurance commission Meaning?

Commission — (1) In insurance, a certain percentage of premium produced that is retained as compensation by insurance agents and brokers. Also known as acquisition cost. (2) In reinsurance, the primary insurance company usually pays the reinsurer its proportion of the gross premium it receives on a risk.

What are the 3 most common mistakes on a claim that will cause denials?

5 of the 10 most common medical coding and billing mistakes that cause claim denials are
  • Coding is not specific enough. ...
  • Claim is missing information. ...
  • Claim not filed on time. ...
  • Incorrect patient identifier information. ...
  • Coding issues.

What are the two main reasons for denial claims?

Whether by accident or intentionally, medical billing and coding errors are common reasons that claims are rejected or denied. Information may be incorrect, incomplete or missing. You will need to check your billing statement and EOB very carefully.

What is a dirty claim?

The dirty claim definition is anything that's rejected, filed more than once, contains errors, has a preventable denial, etc.

What is the maximum income to qualify for Medicaid in Washington state?

Today, Apple Health covers adults with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. In April 2021 that translated to about $17,775 for a single person or $36,570 for a family of four.

Does Washington have Medi Cal?

In Washington State, Medicaid is called Apple Health. Apple Health provides preventative care, like cancer screenings, treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure, and many other health care services.

What authority does the Commissioner have over Tennessee producers?

what authority does the Commissioner have over TN producers? the commissioner may establish guidelines for continuing education as a part of the producer license renewal procedure.

Who regulates insurance companies in Tennessee?

The Department of Commerce and Insurance regulates several hundred thousand Tennesseans in their professions and businesses.

Why do so many insurance agents fail?

The number one secondary reason agents quit selling insurance was that they ran out of money. The second most common secondary reason agents failed selling insurance was that they ran out of prospects to sell to. The third reason was the agency wasn't a good fit. And the fourth was personal issues.