What is an insurance risk assessment search?

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For general insurance decisioning including insurance risk assessment. This type of search provides the relevant insurer or broker with aggregated public data from your credit report, such as, for example edited electoral register data, judgment data, insolvency data and fraud prevention indicators.

What is LexisNexis used for in insurance?

LexisNexis® Policy Insights

We provide personal data that helps insurers to make more informed underwriting and pricing decisions about motor insurance policies, by providing information about the motorists' previous motor insurance history.

Does LexisNexis affect credit score?

If you see LexisNexis/INS/P&C on your credit report, it means that an individual or company used LexisNexis's services to run a background check on you. If LexisNexis triggered a hard inquiry, then it will probably cause a small, temporary drop in your credit score. Soft inquiries don't hurt your credit score.

Who would use LexisNexis?

Who are your customers? Examples of LexisNexis customers include law enforcement agencies, federal homeland security departments, banking and financial services companies and insurance carriers, legal professionals, and state and local governments.

Do all insurance companies use LexisNexis?

Not all insurers use the service, but most do, says a LexisNexis spokesperson. When you apply for auto or homeowners insurance, you authorize insurers to check your records at consumer reporting agencies.

Insurance Risk Assessment

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What does a LexisNexis report show?

The report includes items such as real estate transaction and ownership data, lien, judgment, and bankruptcy records, professional license information, and historical addresses.

Why would I get a letter from LexisNexis?

We help find and verify customer details by forwarding letters to relevant individuals for verification purposes. The following are typical questions asked in respect of letters written to members of a Life and Pension company.

Why are LexisNexis searching me?

Why is LexisNexis or Insurance Initiatives Ltd (IIL) on my credit file? A LexisNexis/IIL search footprint on your credit file demonstrates that an insurer or broker has requested LexisNexis/IIL to search your data with a Credit Reference Agency (“CRA”).

What does LexisNexis risk do?

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides customers with solutions and decision tools that combine public and industry specific content with advanced technology and analytics to assist them in evaluating and predicting risk and enhancing operational efficiency.

How do I block LexisNexis?

Request Your Security Freeze by Phone

You can request your security freeze via phone at 1-800-456-1244.

Can I view my LexisNexis report online?

Request and Receive a Report Online

You can request and receive reports from LexisNexis Risk Solutions online. After your request is submitted, you will receive a letter via U.S. Mail with details explaining how to access your report online.

How do I remove my information from LexisNexis?

How to Opt Out of LexisNexis
  1. Go directly to the LexisNexis opt out form at https://optout.lexisnexis.com/. ...
  2. Read through the instructions & click “Next”.
  3. Select an Opt Out reason from the dropdown menu & click “Next”. ...
  4. Fill in the form, including your first and last name. ...
  5. Enter your full mailing address.

What is a good insurance score?

According to Progressive, insurance scores range from 200 to 997, with everything below 500 considered a poor score, and everything from 776 to 997 considered a good score. So, what is a good insurance score? Anything over 775.

Is it a good idea to opt out of LexisNexis?

In case you've suffered from identity theft, and even cyberstalking, removing your information from LexisNexis will help lower the potential of criminals and predators accessing your personal data.

Does State Farm insurance use LexisNexis?

State Farm is the one major insurance company that utilizes its own system to calculate the risk level for each of its drivers, but there may be smaller, independent insurance agencies in your neighborhood that don't use LexisNexis. Shop around to find the right auto insurance company for you.

Does Geico use LexisNexis?

Geico reports information about its customers to LexisNexis; LexisNexis compiles information into consumer reports.

How accurate is LexisNexis?

With regard to California Supreme Court and published Court of Appeal opinions, and particularly recently filed opinions (i.e., filed within the last 15 months or so), LexisNexis is a more accurate, authentic, up-to-date, and reliable source for citing and quoting.

Do banks use LexisNexis?

More than 4,000 banks and financial institutions rely on LexisNexis for risk management and compliance. LexisNexis is a preferred vendor for the financial services industry for successfully helping organizations reduce fraud, mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Is LexisNexis Risk Solutions legit?

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is the trusted data analytics provider for organizations seeking actionable insights to manage risks and improve results.

What does LexisNexis background check include?

Search of LexisNexis's proprietary criminal records database includes: State criminal records. State sex offender registries. Prison, parole and release records from state departments of corrections, administrative offices of courts and other state agencies.

How far back does LexisNexis go?

Nexis provides quick and easy access to news archives that go back 45+ years, giving you unprecedented context and background on people and events.

How long does something stay on LexisNexis?

For those who aren't entirely certain what a C.L.U.E. report is, it's a database maintained by LexisNexis that contains claims info on your personal property and vehicles. Typically, the claims info goes back seven years.

Is LexisNexis part of Experian?

Information for Experian Consumers

("LexisNexis") is a provider of bankruptcy information to Experian.

How do I file a complaint against LexisNexis?

Please call to speak to a live LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Center representative at 1-888-497-0011 or contact us by email at consumer.documents@LexisNexis.com.

How do I speak to someone at LexisNexis?

Contact Sales

Call 1-888-AT-LEXIS or complete the form below for LexisNexis ® sales. For Customer Service questions, please call us at 1-800-543-6862.