Is GoodRX better than Part D?

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GoodRX is not a replacement for your Part D drug plan but it can be a useful tool to help save money on your medication costs. Although there is no guarantee you will save money there is simply no harm in trying since it is a free service!

Does GoodRx really save you money on prescriptions?

GoodRx may be able to find you a lower price than your insurance co-pay. Hundreds of generic medications are available for $4 and some are even free, without insurance. One important thing to remember, GoodRx is not insurance. It can be used instead of insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, but not combined with them.

Why do pharmacies not like GoodRx?

The sad reality is that many pharmacies lose money when they accept GoodRx. Prescription margins are already razor thin and the fee that GoodRx takes on top of the PBM likely puts them in the red.

Is there something cheaper than GoodRx?

SingleCare and GoodRx make prescription drug prices more affordable for consumers. Both companies have identical aims, but SingleCare generally offers lower pricing and free delivery. The tradeoff is the extra features GoodRx offers in its paid plans and affordable telehealth appointments.

Is Medicare Part D worth the cost?

Most people will need Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Even if you're fortunate enough to be in good health now, you may need significant prescription drugs in the future. A relatively small Part D payment entitles you to outsized benefits once you need them, just like with a car or home insurance.

GoodRX vs. Medicare Part D | Which Should You Get?

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How much does the average person pay for Medicare Part D?

Key Takeaways. If you have a Medicare Part D plan you may pay premiums, deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance for your prescription coverage. The average monthly premium for a Part D plan is projected to be $31.50 in 2023, though plans vary.

What is the best rx plan for seniors?

What's the best prescription drug plan for seniors? Aetna/SilverScript has the best overall plans for Medicare Part D because of its good ratings, affordable monthly costs and good benefits. Those on a budget should consider Wellcare for low-cost plans that have good coverage for generic prescriptions.

Who pays the difference when using GoodRx?

When a patient redeems a GoodRx discount coupon, the pharmacy pays a fee to the PBM, who splits the fee with GoodRx. GoodRx also takes in membership fees from consumers and marketing revenue from pharmaceutical companies that use its platform.

Is GoodRx worth having?

GoodRx lists free discount prices and provides coupons so you can receive a discounted price when you pick up your prescription. It's all free! Depending what your copay fee or coinsurance percentage charge is, GoodRx might be the better way to go to save more.

Why are prices so different on GoodRx?

GoodRx partners with multiple PBMs, each with different contracted medication prices across various pharmacies. Every coupon has a different set of codes that corresponds to a specific PBM network, which determines the medication price.

What is the GoodRx scandal?

According to the FTC's complaint, GoodRx violated the FTC Act by sharing sensitive personal health information for years with advertising companies and platforms—contrary to its privacy promises—and failed to report these unauthorized disclosures as required by the Health Breach Notification Rule.

Why is GoodRx tanking?

GoodRx (ticker: GDRX) on Monday retracted its guidance and said that its second quarter will see a $30 million revenue hit because a key grocer, which accounted for 25% of its transactions, is renegotiating contracts with all pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs on a subset of drugs.

Why is CVS not honoring GoodRx?

Can CVS Deny GoodRx? According to contracts signed between GoodRx and the Pharmacy Benefit Managers of participating pharmacies, all stores must accept GoodRx. Therefore, the only way CVS can deny GoodRx is when a CVS pharmacist rejects it for controlled substances.

Why do pharmacies work with GoodRx?

Pharmacies or pharmacy purchasing groups work with PBMs to negotiate reimbursement rates. GoodRx partners with these PBMs to display the contracted prices to help patients and healthcare providers make informed decisions about the cost of their care.

Why does Walgreens not accept GoodRx?

Yes. In most cases, Walgreens accepts GoodRx for controlled substances such as Adderall. However, there may be some cases when certain pharmacists may deny your request for a discount on a controlled substance, which is within their right to do.

How does GoodRx save people so much money?

To be clear on this, when you use a GoodRx code, a PBM receives a portion of that. GoodRx then receives a percentage or a fixed payment from the PBM for directing the customer to that PBM's pricing and the pharmacy, the company explains. In other industries, these payments could be called illegal kickbacks.

How many times can you use GoodRx?

GoodRx coupons do not expire; you can use and reuse the coupons as often as you like. To make sure you get the best price, we recommend providing your pharmacist with a new coupon each time you fill your prescription.

How much does GoodRx save on average?

In 2022, healthcare providers saved their patients an average of more than $9,000 by using GoodRx. Collectively, family practice providers saved their patients the most on their prescription medications through GoodRx, with a total savings of over $4.5 billion in 2022.

Does GoodRx help even if you have insurance?

Yes, you can use a discount even if you have insurance

Prescription discounts, including those from GoodRx, can be a great option if you don't have health insurance. But if you do have insurance, you can always use a GoodRx discount instead of insurance if the cost is lower.

Can a pharmacy reject GoodRx?

Pharmacies listed on GoodRx are contractually obligated to honor most coupons we display. However, discounts for controlled substances are honored at the discretion of the individual pharmacy or pharmacist.

What is the best way to use GoodRx?

You can use GoodRx by visiting the website or downloading the GoodRx mobile app. Then, enter the prescription drug's name to find the best deal nearby. Once you find the best deal, you can select it and get a coupon for your discount. Finally, you'll present the coupon at the pharmacy to receive the price reduction.

Can you use GoodRx instead of medicare part d?

While you can't use GoodRx in conjunction with any federal or state-funded programs like Medicare or Medicaid, you can use GoodRx as an alternative to your insurance, especially in situations when our prices are better than what Medicare may charge. Here's how it works.

What is the deductible for Medicare Part D in 2023?

This is the amount you must pay each year for your prescriptions before your Medicare drug plan pays its share. Deductibles vary between Medicare drug plans. No Medicare drug plan may have a deductible more than $505 in 2023.

How to compare Medicare Part D drug plans?

Medicare Plan Finder is an online tool at that can be used to compare stand-alone Part D plans or Medicare Advantage Plans. Plan Finder provides information about costs, which drugs are included on the plan's formulary (list of covered drugs), and the star rating of the plan.