Should you carry your Social Security card with you?

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Keep your card and any other document that shows your Social Security number in a safe place. DO NOT routinely carry your card or other documents that display your number.

Why you shouldn't carry your Social Security card?

Don't Carry Your Social Security Card in Your Wallet

Losing protection of your full Social Security number is a fast track to identity theft. Once it's loose, identify thieves will exploit it to get loans in your name, obtain credit cards or other financial chicanery.

Should I keep my Social Security card with me?

We encourage you not to carry your Social Security card with you every day. The best way to “Guard Your Card” is to keep it in a safe place and share it only when required, which is rare. In fact, in most cases, just knowing the Social Security number should be enough.

Where should you keep your Social Security card?

Don't Carry Your Social Security Card in Your Wallet. You don't need to have your Social Security card with you at all times. Keep it at home in a safe place. Check for other cards that may have your SSN on them.

What cards should you carry with you?

Here's my recommendation for what to keep in your wallet:
  • Your driver's license.
  • Copy of your health insurance card.
  • Copy of your automobile insurance card.
  • Copy of your car registration.
  • Copy of your Medicare card (with all but the last four digits blacked out)
  • One or two credit cards.
  • Your identification card for work.

If Asked For Social Security Number, Keep These 3 Things In Mind

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What should you not carry in your wallet?

To safeguard your finances while you're on the go, consider these seven things you should never carry in your wallet:
  • Social Security number. ...
  • Checks. ...
  • Numerous credit cards. ...
  • Multiple gift cards. ...
  • Password cheat sheets. ...
  • Excess cash. ...
  • Spare keys.

What should you always have in your wallet?

7 Things You Should Have in Your Wallet, 10 You Shouldn't
  • Credit card. A credit card is good to have around for emergencies. ...
  • Debit card. ...
  • Emergency cash. ...
  • Contact information. ...
  • Reward cards. ...
  • Almost-expired coupons. ...
  • Identification. ...
  • Social Security card.

Is it bad to laminate your Social Security card?

Do not laminate your card. Lamination prevents detection of many security features. However, you may cover the card with plastic or other removable material if it does not damage the card.

Is it bad if you lose your Social Security card?

What happens if you lose your Social Security card. Without your Social Security number and your Social Security card as physical proof, you might be unable to secure employment or collect benefits. A lost or stolen card could also leave you at risk of identity theft.

What's the worst thing someone can do with your Social Security number?

Hackers can use your SSN to get credit cards in your name.

It is possible for a hacker to get a credit card with just your name, address and Social Security number. Once the credit cards are in place, fraudsters can run up a lot of debt.

Do you put your Social Security card in your wallet?

The number one thing you should not carry in your wallet is your social security card. If it gets into the wrong hands, it can be used for everything from buying a car to opening a credit card.

What can someone do with the last 4 digits of your SSN?

As long as a hacker or scammer has access to other personal information such as your name and address, they can use the last four digits of your SSN (in most cases) to open accounts in your name, steal your money and government benefits, or even get healthcare and tax refunds in your name.

How can I check to see if someone is using my Social Security number?

If you believe someone is using your Social Security number to work, get your tax refund, or other abuses involving taxes, contact the IRS online or call 1-800-908-4490. You can order free credit reports annually from the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

What can someone do with your SSN and ID?

Once someone has your Social Security number, they can essentially become you. They may be able to collect tax refunds, collect benefits and income, commit crimes, make purchases, set up phone numbers and websites, establish residences, and use health insurance—all in your name.

What is the purpose of putting a crayon in your wallet?

Wallets are prone to bending, warping the original shapes of whatever plastic or paper goodies you've got packed in there (if credit and ID cards can be called "goodies"). However, by keeping a crayon inside, it is said to prevent that from happening.

What do I do if I lost my Social Security card and wallet?

If your wallet or purse containing your Social Security card is stolen, contact your local police department as soon as possible to file a theft report. Also, contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to request a replacement Social Security card.

How do I lock my SSN?

If you know your Social Security information has been compromised, you can request to Block Electronic Access. This is done by calling our National 800 number (Toll Free 1-800-772-1213 or at our TTY number at 1-800-325-0778).

What if SSN is stolen?

It's a one-stop resource managed by the Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency. You can also call 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338); TTY 1-866-653-4261. or call 1-800-908-4490. Also, you should file an online complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at

Can I tape my Social Security card?

The short answer to this is 'no. ' The fact is, the U.S. Federal Government says not to laminate your social security card on their website. This, however, is a recommendation, not an actual law.

Why is Social Security card on paper?

Not only do paper Social Security cards lessen the chances that someone will find an intact card on the street, but the SSA noted that other security features are more appropriate to a paper card format, such as: A blue tint marbleized random pattern. Attempts to erase or remove data are easily detectable.

Are new Social Security cards plastic?

Applicants for new or replacement cards would need to visit FOs to have their picture taken. Option 3 is a rigid plastic Social Security card with the number holder's name and assigned SSN flat printed on the front of the card.

How much money should you keep in your wallet at all times?

“We would recommend between $100 to $300 of cash in your wallet, but also having a reserve of $1,000 or so in a safe at home,” Anderson says. Depending on your spending habits, a couple hundred dollars may be more than enough for your daily expenses or not enough.

How many cards should I carry in my wallet?

On a daily basis, you shouldn't carry more than two credit cards (one primary and one back-up) and one debit card in your wallet at the same time.

What color wallet attracts money?

Black is a very popular color for wallets and luckily, this symbolizes prosperity and wealth. If you are looking to advance your career or increase your fortune connected with the business, this is the ideal color for you.

Should I carry all my credit cards?

You don't need to carry around every credit card you own, especially if you've got a lot. You only really need the cards that are earning you the most rewards. Here's the cards that are worth carrying (and using) the most often. Deciding how many credit cards to have can give you a headache.