What is the difference between Sutab and Suprep?

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A sodium sulfate–based oral solution (Suprep) has been available in the US since 2010. Sutab is the second tablet formulation to be approved for bowel cleansing prior to colonoscopy; a sodium phosphate–based tablet (OsmoPrep) was approved earlier.

Is Sutab the best colonoscopy prep?

Likewise, the percentage of patients rating their overall experience with SUTAB as “excellent” or “good” was higher than those rating PEG-EA (71.6% vs. 59.8%, respectively). For a future colonoscopy, 78% of patients said they would request SUTAB again.

Which colonoscopy prep is the best?

Which is the best colonoscopy prep for me?
  • A sulfate-free and flavored formula, such as NuLYTELY or TriLyte (PEG), for better taste.
  • A lower-volume formula, such as MiraLAX or Halflytely (PEG), so there's less to drink.

Which is better Clenpiq or Suprep?

Clenpiq has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10 from a total of 228 ratings on Drugs.com. 50% of reviewers reported a positive effect, while 39% reported a negative effect. Suprep Bowel Prep Kit has an average rating of 7.1 out of 10 from a total of 1602 ratings on Drugs.com.

What is the newest colonoscopy prep?

Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug that could make preparation for the screening easier. Called Plenvu, this liquid drug is designed to replace the traditional, poor-tasting bowel cleaning liquid that patients drink to prep their systems for a colonoscopy.


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What happens when you take Sutab?

Sutab is a prescription medicine used by adults to clean the colon before a colonoscopy. Sutab works as a laxative by cleaning your colon after causing you to have diarrhea. Cleaning your colon helps your healthcare provider see the inside of your colon more clearly during your colonoscopy.

How quickly does Sutab work?

Your physician will provide you with a prescription and you will need to obtain your SUTAB kit from your pharmacy. Note: Individual responses to laxatives vary. This prep should cause multiple bowel movements. It often works within 30 minutes but may take up to 3 hours.

Is Suprep easier than go lightly?

Approximately 4,339 colonoscopies were performed by 75 endoscopists. Magnesium citrate, MiraLAX with Gatorade, MoviPrep, OsmoPrep, Prepopik/Clenpiq, and Suprep all had significantly higher prep tolerability compared with GoLYTELY (all P < 0.05).

Is Clenpiq a good bowel prep?

Clenpiq has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10 from a total of 223 ratings for the treatment of Bowel Preparation. 50% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 39% reported a negative experience.

What is an alternative to Clenpiq?

Clenpiq, Suprep and Sutab are low-volume, non-PEG options, but should be used with caution in patients with heart failure, kidney impairment, or advanced liver disease.

What is Sutab?

Sutab is a medication that cleans out your bowel before a colonoscopy procedure. One dose of Sutab is made up of 12 tablets, and you need to take 2 doses of Sutab before your procedure.

Is Suprep better?

Results: Miralax was successful in 87%, compared to 74% for Moviprep and 69% for Suprep.

Are all colonoscopy preps the same?

Now, there are a variety of prep solutions to choose from, some available without a prescription, all more palatable than previously. Additionally, drinking the liquid can now be done over two days and in smaller doses, making it more tolerable for patients.

What is a good substitute for Suprep?

  • Bisacodyl.
  • Dulcolax.
  • MoviPrep.
  • Erythromycin.
  • PEG-3350 with Electolytes.

What is the safest bowel prep for colonoscopy?

Recent studies have shown that the 4 liter polyethylene glycol with a split preparation is safe and effective for elderly patients, and is the preferred preparation for patients with medical comorbidites.

How long has Sutab been on the market?

5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sebela Pharmaceuticals® today announced that SUTAB® (sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, and potassium chloride) tablets, the first tablet colonoscopy preparation to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in over 10 years, is now available in the United States.

How fast should you drink Clenpiq?

Drink one bottle of CLENPIQ, then drink one cup (8-ounces each) of clear liquid, every 15 minutes for at least four cups. You may continue to drink clear liquids up to 3 hours before your exam.

Is Clenpiq hard to drink?

For Bowel Preparation: “I've had several colonoscopies in the past two years. Clenpic was by far the easiest to take. As these preps go, the flavor was the easiest for me to drink. I really liked that I could drink the needed amount of clear liquids over a five hour period.

How long do you poop with Clenpiq?

— Individual response to the preparation medications varies from person to person. Some people will begin to have multiple urgent bowel movements within 30 minutes of drinking the solution and others may not have a bowel movement for 3-4 hours.

How do you drink Suprep without throwing up?

drink through a straw (as fast as possible without choking worked best for me), take a breath, and suck on a slice of lime, repeat. If the lime isn't working for you, have a piece of hard candy or gum to cancel out the after-taste. Once you have finished the first bottle of SuPrep, give yourself a high five.

Is Suprep stronger than MiraLAX?

CONCLUSIONS: In this prospective, real-world, comparative effectiveness study of currently available bowel preps, we found that Miralax® with Gatorade®, Moviprep®, and Suprep® were prospectively associated with superior tolerability and bowel cleansing.

What is the best way to drink colonoscopy prep without vomiting?

Many people may feel nauseous while drinking the bowel prep. To help with this, try mixing the MiraLAX powder with clear liquids you like drinking. If you feel like vomiting, you should drink slowly, and take a break. This means you should stop drinking the liquid for 30 to 45 minutes to let your stomach empty.

How long will I be pooping with Sutab?

You may have your first bowel movement about one hour after you start to drink the solution. You may continue to pass liquid stools up to two hours after you finish the solution.

What if I can't drink all the water with Sutab?

Sutab can cause severe dehydration, which can lead to a serious electrolyte imbalance, seizures, or kidney failure. Call your doctor if you are sick with vomiting and cannot drink enough water for your bowel prep, or if you have a headache, dizziness, or decreased urination.

When should I start taking Sutab?

Please start the first dose of Sutab at 6:00pm

Over the next 1 ½ hours, drink an additional 32 ounces of water to your comfort level. In total, you should drink 48 ounces of water over a 2 hours period (16 ounces while taking the tablet and an additional 32 ounces of water).